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Wi-Fi Roaming Service Teams T-Mobile, Bright House

T-Mobile recently announced it would be partnering with Bright House Networks for a Wi-Fi roaming test run. Called the “Preferred Wi-Fi Network Trial,” it involves T-Mobile customers in Tampa and Orlando connecting to one of Bright House’s 34,000 Wi-Fi hotspots using the Passport standard, which is intended to offer seamless calling and messaging over Wi-Fi, while avoiding […]

Cable Gains 600,000 Broadband Subscribers to Bolster Quarter

In the face of a large quarterly subscriber loss, the cable sector actually had a solid Q2 2015 when it came to Internet customers. Cable added more than 600,000 high-speed data customers over the last quarter, the biggest Q2 gain since 2008. In a year-over-year comparison, cable added 430,000 high-speed data (HSD) customers in Q2 2014, and […]

Microsoft Makes Its IoT Pitch

Windows 10 still has its new-car smell, but Microsoft isn’t resting on its laurels yet. Recently, the software giant announced that it would be releasing a Windows 10 variant that is aimed squarely at the Internet of Things. First made public last spring, the Windows 10 IoT Core is designed to be used with embedded devices with […]

Most Consumers Don’t Know the Speed of Their Internet

According to a new survey,  more than half of broadband users have never tested the speed of their Internet connection. Moreover, the survey, composed of 2,500 broadband customers, found that nearly 70% of respondents don’t even know how fast their connection should be operating at. This means that even if these people did check the speed […]

Wireless Companies Cozy up to Wi-Fi

Wireless companies, following the lead of cable companies, have spent the past couple of years expanding their Wi-Fi networks, notes a new article. This is a big turnaround from previous years, when it was commonly assumed that wireless operators considered Wi-Fi a threat to their core business. Today, however, Wi-Fi is being embraced by these same […]

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