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Young professional man using a laptop with light bulb plugged in it

Light-Based Networking Passes Real-World Test

Velmenni, an Estonian startup, recently announced that they have installed Li-Fi, a faster alternative to Wi-Fi, in offices and industrial spaces in Tallinn. Li-Fi, in Velmenni’s trials, was able to send data at more than 1Gbps, which is more than a hundred times the speed of Wi-Fi. According to Deepak Solanki, Velmenni’s CEO, Li-Fi utilizes visible light […]


Comcast Coming After Telcos With WiFi Pro

Comcast is reportedly close to introducing its new business Wi-Fi product that will challenge existing telco commercial installations. Named WiFi Pro, the service will “will give businesses the ability to design, deploy and manage WiFi services all from a web-based app,” while also allowing the configuration of both private and guest Wi-Fi networks, control of bandwidth allocation, […]

using the wifi at my flight

Gogo Debuts 2KU Next-Gen In-Flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi, when available  is a boon to travelers who bear the brunt of rising airfares, uncomfortable seats, crowded cabins, and long security lines.  So it’s good news for frequent flyers that Gogo, one of the first companies to provide airborne Internet connectivity, recently announced an upgrade to their satellite-based Gogo Ku service, which has been […]

Custom Wi-Fi Firmware in Jeopardy from FCC Revisions

The FCC is once again changing its rules when it comes to governing RF devices for safety reasons. The latest changes come after fellow federal governmental agency the FAA complained about illegally modified router radios interfering with TDWR (terminal doppler weather radio) at airports. In response, the FCC decided to implement new rules that prevented the modification […]

Car traveling to Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina

TWC Augments Its Wi-Fi Reach in North Carolina

Time Warner Cable broadened its Wi-Fi reach in North Carolina, hooking up parts of Greensboro and Wilmington to its hotspot network that now includes 4000 access points. The company also noted that they’ve deployed 125,000 hotspots in the U.S. to date, all of which can be accessed by qualified TWC subscribers. Time Warner, which is in the […]

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