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Customer Wi-Fi Becoming Crucial to Small Businesses

Small businesses who offer free Wi-Fi to their customers are seeing a bevy of ancillary benefits from the practice. Responding to a recent survey, the representatives of 400 small business said that they have seen improvements in many important categories, including an increase in foot traffic, longer customer visits, and increased customer spending, after providing […]

Hand holding mobile smart phone with connect wifi on the airplane

WiFi Wednesday: How Does In-flight WiFi Work?

Our need for always-on connectivity and on-demand entertainment has forced all major airlines to offer in-flight WiFi. But after a decade of promises to improve that experience (which we all now take for granted), Wi-Fi in the Sky is Still a Nightmare. In order to understand the problems with in-flight WiFi, we first need to know how it works. […]

Pay-TV Group Crafts Counterproposal to FCC Set-top Demands

The collective forces that make up the pay-TV industry have united and made a counterproposal to the FCC’s demand that they open up the set-top box market. The scheme, called “Ditch the Box,” calls for major operators to enable services through HTML5-based apps, which can then be used by customers through third-party devices. The FCC’s […]

Pointer with Arrow and sign BROADBAND INTERNET on Wood Wall. Background for text or image

MoCA Sets Sights on Broadband Access Sector

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) recently announced a new specification for the access market, this one focusing on apartment buildings and other multi-dwelling structures. The standard will cover installing fiber deep into the network of a building without extensive infrastructure modifications, while also featuring integration for installing networks in restaurants, offices, and other coax-heavy […]


WiFi Wednesday: How To Test Your WiFi & Make It Faster

Slow WiFi is frustrating. We don’t have much tolerance for it. So if your WiFi isn’t as fast as you like, the first step is to test it. Here’s how: Exit all programs on your computer/mobile device that are using the Internet Make sure no other devices are connected on the same WiFi connection Go […]

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