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Verizon Snaps Up Yahoo Internet and Search Businesses

Trying to buck the less-than-stellar track record of telecommunications companies successfully branching out beyond their proven fields of expertise, Verizon purchased Yahoo’s internet and search business for a cool $4.8 billion. Combined with its previous acquisition of AOL, Verizon seems to be making a serious attempt at becoming an online advertising and media titan. “Just […]

Free Wi-Fi

WiFi Wednesday: Why Businesses Should Offer Free WiFi

Whether it’s a coffee shop, supermarket, or gym—the businesses offering customers free WiFi are quickly realizing how indispensable it can be to modern retail strategy. That’s because WiFi is sticky, and it’s a commodity that doesn’t cost much to deliver in a traditional retail environment. And increasingly, it’s becoming a means of engaging customers when […]


Comcast Brings Mobile to the Masses

Comcast has gone mobile, in more ways than one. The company debuted its portable Wi-Fi service, dubbed Xfinity Wi-Fi on Wheels. The platform is built into a customized Ford T-350 van, and features six Ericsson Wi-Fi access points bolted to a 40-foot mast. The service, which will be offered for free, is expected to have […]

Comcast Extends “Internet Essentials” Reach

Comcast is expanding the availability of its $10/month, 10 Mbps “Internet Essentials” again. The tier was created to give low-income families a chance to acquire an internet connection at a bargain price, and implemented jointly with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). “Internet Essentials” also offers discounted broadband access to adults living in […]

LTE-U Progressing, But Not as Fast as Some Want

The Wi-Fi Alliance reports that its current test plan (LTE-U/Wi-Fi Convergence) is making progress. The Alliance has been working on the project since last year, and one of the roadblocks has been its difficulty getting all interested parties to reach a consensus. However, Wi-Fi Alliance officials claim that progress is being made, despite the technical specification culture clash between […]

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