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Broadband Services Need Standardized Labeling System

The General Accounting Office has released a new report chiding U.S. Internet providers and regulators for not doing better in letting customers know about the speed and quality of their broadband connections. The GAO says that the lack of a standardized format to report on connection quality makes it hard for consumers to make informed decisions about […]

Analysts Parse Verizon/AOL Deal

Industry analysts took a look at the possibilities that might emerge from the recent acquisition of AOL by Verizon. Jennifer Fritzsche, an analyst from Wells Fargo, predicted that the merger will help Verizon monetize its upcoming OTT video service, which is expected to feature mostly short-form, live content, through AOL’s advertising technology. Moreover, the deal […] A Primer

LightReading has published a slideshow to provide a basic overview of, the new fixed broadband technology. It positions as a step towards the ultimate goal of fiber-to-the-home, which is probably (and unfortunately) something that won’t become ubiquitous for quite some time. Since copper connections will remain the dominant connection source for the foreseeable […]

Comcast Says 60% of New Customers Go Full Wi-Fi

Comcast CTO Tony Werner, speaking at an INTX panel earlier this month, said that 60% of his company’s new customers use Wi-Fi exclusively to access content and services. This continues a trend of cable operators using Wi-Fi to bolster their service offerings. In fact, at the same INTX show, Comcast announced a new DOCSIS 3.1 […]

How Cable Industry Consolidation Will Affect Wi-Fi

FierceCable’s Mike Robuck penned a new report that looks at the failed mega-mergers of recent vintage (Comcast/Time Warner Cable, Bright House/Charter Communications), the possibility of future industry unions, and the impact all of this will have on cable Wi-Fi services. The most likely upcoming deals: Charter going after Time Warner Cable, Charter continuing its pursuit of Bright […]

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