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HBO Introducing OOT Video Service in 2015

HBO recently announced that it will introduce an over-the-top (OOT) video service in the United States sometime in 2015, reports Light Reading. Initially, the new service will be delivered through pay-TV partners in an attempt to reach the millions of broadband-only subscribers. HBO also announced that it will launch the OTT service in some additional […]


Millennials Spend a Third of TV Time on PCs, Tablets and Phones

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious Wondering why TV ratings are slumping even though there are so many compelling shows available for viewing these days? It may just be because younger folks are getting their boob tube fix elsewhere. According to a new comScore study of TV watching habits, Americans aged 18 to 34 are now […]


Samsung Announces Development of Faster 802.11ad Wi-Fi

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious Your home network connection may soon be getting a lot faster, at least so far as the connection from your computer to your wireless router is concerned. South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics recently announced the development of its 60GHz Wi-Fi technology. It enables data transmission speeds of up to […]


Gigabit Fiber Expanding into More U.S. Cities

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious For millions of Americans, the race to bring affordable 1Gbps fiber optic broadband is truly starting to heat up. This week, AT&T announced it has completed upgrading its GigaFiber network to offer gigabit Internet speed to its U-verse customers in Austin, Texas. And according to the company, more cities are […]


Report: U.S. Falling Far Behind in Internet Speed

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious When it comes to freedom, bald eagles and apple pie, the United States is number one. But when it comes to Internet speed, our country is far from first. According to the most recent Akamai State of the Internet Report, the United States has slipped from 12th to 14th in […]

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