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Good News, Bad News on Digital Technology in Education

A new infographic from Mobile Future shows how mobile devices can become an embedded part of the classroom experience.   The graphic shows that in one algebra course, a larger percentage of students who used tablets scored as proficient or better than did those who used textbooks. There’s further evidence of this trend from students at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White […]

Wi-Fi May Emerge as Cable’s New Revenue Generator

According to a new article by FierceCable, 2014 has seen video services, the lucrative business that built the cable industry, begin to give way to over-the-top (OTT) distribution models. However, a massive opportunity has quietly emerged to possibly offset this decline: Wi-Fi.   While industry analysts are currently unable to accurately gauge the eventual size of the cable Wi-Fi […]


Netflix Quietly Hikes Prices for Ultra HD Content

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious   If you’re interested in streaming one of the newly available 4K videos on Netflix, be prepared to pay extra for the privilege moving forward. Variety is reporting that the Internet video giant now requires new customers to sign up for an $11.99 per month family plan to access its […]

Verizon Announces OTT Plans

Verizon is working with its content partners to fashion a business model for its own planned over-the-top (OTT) ventures, reports LightReading. On the company’s earnings call last Tuesday, Verizon’s EVP and CFO Fran Shammo said Verizon is looking at delivering OTT video services to consumers in two different ways: over LTE Multicast to wireless subscribers on its LTE network, and over […]


DSL to Reach Gigabit Speeds by 2016

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious   If you rely on old-school copper wire DSL technology for your home’s Internet connection, you could see a major speed boost over the next few years. CNET is reporting that several companies are currently testing and demonstrating a new technology called that delivers data transfers at 1Gbps gigabit […]

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