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The potential of 5G

The Potential of 5G

When asked about 5G wireless, a typical consumer probably knows about it as something that features faster speeds than existing wireless networks. However, 5G is a game-changing technology that will enable users to download full HD videos in seconds, interface with...
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Internet of things

When Less is More: Low Power WiFi for the IoT

The WiFi Alliance recently introduced a new low-power, long-range WiFi solution called Wi-Fi HaLow™ that could shake things up for the Internet of Things (IoT). What is Low-power WiFi? Low-power WiFi operates on a lower frequency, specifically 900MHz (0.9 GHz). This...
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Big Cable Being Laid Across Pacific

A multi-partner coalition that includes Google, Facebook, Pacific Light Data Communications, and TE Subcom announced that it is planning to build a massive undersea cable connecting Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Google, who seems to be leading the coalition, says that the...
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Gigabit Services Sprouting Up All Over

Various internet service providers are bringing gigabit broadband service to the public. AT&T, for example, is bringing the service to homes, apartments, and small businesses in multiple metropolitan areas, including Columbus OH, Detroit MI, Mobile AL, and Memphis...
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No Surprise That Home Broadband Demand Will Continue to Rise

No Surprise That Home Broadband Demand Will Continue to Rise

New data from analytics company iGR Research reveals that the average monthly broadband usage in the U.S. has reached 190 Gbs per month, with more than 90% of the data comprising video. And while city dwellers expect to have access to fast internet connections, when...
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WiFi Wednesday: Airports to Cut Back on Free WiFi

According to a new research survey by SITA, many international airports have started cutting back on free unlimited WiFi at airports. About 74% of airports currently offer free unlimited WiFi and it’s expected that by 2019, only 54% of airports globally will offer...

Google Home Coming After Pay-TV

Google recently introduced its Google Home device, which could be seen as an attempt by the search giant to move into the service provider channel. The device automatically plugs into the company’s Chromecast TV hardware, and enables users to use its conversational...

WiFi Wednesday: Good News for Airplane Wireless

It’s easy to take WiFi for granted… until it’s just not there. For those of you who have been frustrated with in-flight WiFi, there’s finally some good news: it’s about to get 10x faster by 2018. Gogo is the biggest WiFi provider to the major airlines. To understand...

INTX Ends Its Long Run

After more than 60 years, the annual cable trade show INTX has ceased to be. For much of its life, INTX was simply known as “The Cable Show,” until industry mavens decided that cable was a bad word freighted with negative connotations and changed the name of the...

Full Duplex Could Be Just Around the Corner

Cable has its obvious advantages, but one of its longstanding disadvantages has been the imbalance between downstream and upstream speeds. Even with the upcoming DOCSIS 3.1 standard, the downstream speed is expected to reach 10 Gbps, while the upstream speed lags at a...

Comcast Enters the Wireless Fray

Comcast recently announced that it will enter the wireless arena. CEO Brian Roberts, speaking at a conference in New York, confirmed that his company is planning to launch its wireless service in mid-2017.

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