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NASA Wi-Fi Tech to Improve Wearables Battery Life

Researchers at NASA, in partnership with UCLA scientists, announced that they are designing a Wi-Fi reflector chip that dramatically improves battery performance in wearable devices. The chip’s low power requirements when transmitting or receiving information from networks and other computers are a result of using existing wireless signals to reflect data back to a router rather than […]

Comcast Broadband Subscribers Surpass Cable Customers

Among the nuggets buried in Comcast’s latest earnings report is evidence that broadband growth may have peaked. The company signed up 180,000 broadband subscribers last quarter (compared to a gain of 203,000 in Q2 2014), while shedding 69,000 basic video subs (vs. 144,00 in Q2 2014). The number of Comcast’s broadband customers has now officially exceeded its […]

Verizon Sees Success in “Skinny Bundles”

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo recently reported that the company’s “Custom TV” skinny bundle was proving to be a success. One-third of new FiOS video subscribers have signed up for the service. Shammo said that Custom TV “…will improve our profitability from a programming standpoint. Our customers are only paying for they want to view, and […]

USDA to Provide Funding for Rural Broadband

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently validated the importance of broadband by supporting connections in rural, underserved areas. The agency announced it was pledging $85.8 million in new funding to help close the gaps in broadband coverage across the country, particularly in rural areas. Most of the money is in the form of loans, but […]

Internet of Things Sheds Hype, but Poses Business Challenge

The promotion behind the Internet of Things (IoT) has long felt as if it outstripped its real-world application. However, recent analyst estimates suggest that reality is quickly catching up with expectations. According to a recently published article, expect to see up to 25 billion Internet-connected devices within five years, which should produce nearly $2 trillion of global […]

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