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Mid-Tier Cable Operators Jump on the Gigabit Bandwagon

Gigabit service is no longer a venue solely occupied by the largest broadband providers servicing only the biggest markets in the United States. LightReading reports on a number of mid-sized domestic cable operators who have announced plans to offer gigabit in places other than densely populated urban centers. Among the players: Wave Broadband, which serves 400,000 customers […]

Nielsen to Track Online Streaming

Nielsen, the global information and measurement company historically synonymous with TV ratings, announced recently that they have started tracking streaming Internet video statistics, according to DSL Reports. The company has developed a new measurement system that operates without the assent of streaming operators such as Netflix, who typically do not divulge their viewership statistics. Statistics […]


Report: 90% of Homes Have at Least 3 Web-connected Devices

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious How many devices do you own that are connected to the Internet? You probably have a computer or two at home that does, and possibly a smartphone and tablet as well. And don’t forget to add in connected smart home devices like remote cameras, smart thermostats, video gaming systems, smart […]


FCC Proposes Hike in Phone Fees to Fund School Internet

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious Your phone bill is about to get a bit more expensive. This week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler proposed an increase in the E-rate, a fee that appears on every monthly phone bill. If approved, each American would pay approximately 16 cents more for phone service per month, […]


ZigBee 3.0 Standard Seeks to Unify Your Smart Home

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious Over the last few years, my parents have purchased a handful of smart home automation devices. Rather than stick with a single brand, they’ve mixed and matched – there’s a Nest smart thermostat here, a D-Link security camera there, and a Belkin WeMo Outlet and Light Switch is in the mix too. […]

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