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WiFi Wednesday: Don’t Use Free Public WiFi Before Reading This!

Actiontec is committed to better WiFi—whether that’s making useful devices and tools to improve your wireless performance and coverage at home or tips and tricks for getting the most out of your network. Today, we’re debuting a new series of “WiFi Wednesday” posts that will offer the latter on a regular basis. We hope you like it. Please […]

Traffic over Comcast Xfinity WiFi

Comcast Sees Dramatic Growth in Wi-Fi Network Traffic

Last year, Comcast recorded 445.8 Petabytes (445.8 million GB) of traffic on its Xfinity WiFi network. This represented a 6-fold increase over its 74.8 Petabytes of traffic in 2014. The increase can be attributed largely to the fact that Comcast now has over half a million WiFi hotspots in the US, which has resulted in 9% mobile traffic being […]

Netflix launches new Internet speed test

Need to know how fast (or slow) your Internet connection is? There are plenty of options, but Netflix this week added another. It’s new and free website gives you a simple run down of your connection speed, whether you’re using broadband at home or 4G on your mobile phone, via a read from Netflix’s own […]

WIFI Zone road sign with sun background

Facebook’s Free WiFi System Gets a Boost

Facebook continues to refine its Terragraph gigabit WiFi system. The company recently revealed that it has developed a workaround for a key shortcoming: the need for line-of-sight between network nodes to maintain high throughput speeds. The solution: a new framework called Open/R that assists nodes in making quicker, autonomous decisions when it comes to data […]

Digital TV

Survey Disputes Consumers’ Dissatisfaction with STB Leases

According to a recent Leichtman Research survey, only 20% of respondents considered their leased HD set-top box (STB) to be a waste of money, while 44% registered the exact opposite reaction. The survey results seem to be at odds with the current FCC strategy, which calls for new regulations to topple the closed, anti-competitive arena […]

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