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Wi-fi concept illustration

Comcast Eyeing Enterprise With WiFi for Business

Comcast’s WiFi for Business launched recently. The managed Wi-Fi service supports both employee and guest networks at business locations, while also offering options for controlling how bandwidth is allocated, setting content filters, and defining rules for guest access. Other options include creating custom splash pages for marketing purposes, and management of network configurations from either mobile apps […]

speedometer - slow to insanely fast

DOCSIS 3.1 Modems Gain Momentum

Analysts believe that DOCSIS 3.1 modems will be gaining significant traction over the next couple of years. The modem models, which are receiving certification from CableLabs in growing numbers, are expected to reach 9 million cable subscribers by 2017, or 1% of total cable broadband service subscribers worldwide. DOCSIS 3.1 modems can compete with fiber-based solutions by […]

Wireless Operators Ponder Their IoT Prospects

The Internet of Things (IOT) continues to gather momentum and within its ongoing development, wireless operators are busy discovering their role. Although many wireless providers see IoT as a market that falls right in their technological wheelhouse, the rise of alternative networking and communications protocols is threatening wireless in this arena. Among the obstacles for wireless operators […]


Gigabit Wi-Fi Could Access Unused 5.9 GHz Band

Plans to allow gigabit Wi-Fi to use the currently dormant 5.9 GHz band are moving forward. According to the Open Technology Institute, the 75 MHz between 5850 MHz and 5925 MHz, which was set aside for “Intelligent Transportation Systems” over a decade ago, is going unused by the auto industry, and even the notoriously contentious FCC […]

Li-Fi High Speed Wireless connection

Apple May Be Eyeing Li-Fi

Is Apple thinking of using Li-Fi in future products? Analysts scouring the source code of recent versions of iOS have found various mentions of Li-Fi, a wireless networking protocol that uses visible light to transmit data. This is not the first time Apple has made a move to leap ahead of their competition: the company was among […]

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