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Study: One in Four Teens Online Almost Constantly

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious If you have teenagers in your house, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to separate them from their smartphones and the Internet. From Facebooking to Instagramming to just talking with friends, it can seem like their entire lives are going digital. But just how connected are they really? A […]

To Gigabit or Not To Gigabit

Does the average homeowner really need a gigabit connection, or is he/she better off with a slower, yet more reliable connection? This question was posed recently by Glenn Fleishmann, a writer at MacWorld. Many ISPs who offer gigabit service aggressively advertise their high rates of download, making claims about “getting an entire Blu-ray movie in two seconds,” […]

Sprint Flips Switch on Wi-Fi Calling for iPhones

Sprint recently announced that Wi-Fi calling service is now available for customers who use an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, and 5c. The service will be bundled with an upcoming over-the-air software update. The introduction of Wi-Fi calling for newer iPhones gives Sprint a lineup with more than 25 devices that can use Wi-Fi for voice calls, […]


YouTube to Launch Ad-Free Paid Subscription Service Soon

By Fox Van Allen, Techlicious If you hate putting up with advertisements every time you try to watch video online, Google’s YouTube is working on an offering just for you. Tech blog The Verge is reporting that the streaming video provider will soon begin offering $10 per month subscriptions that offer an ad-free experience and other useful benefits. […]

FCC Designates New “Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service”

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler recently announced a new wireless data service intended to foster innovation through open-ended use and lack of licensing requirements, even for commercial enterprises. Called “Citizens Broadband Radio Service,” it will operate at the 3.5GHz band (halfway between 2.4 and 5GHz bands), and is designed to “support activities including small cell deployments, fixed wireless […]

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