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Sony Debuts 4K YouTube Channel

Sony recently introduced a new YouTube channel that’s centered around 4K content. The site is intended to help grow 4K usage among content creators, although Sony would also be quite happy if those same creators, and others, also felt the need to upgrade to Sony’s line of 4K/Ultra HD cameras. 4K-capable displays sales have grown quite respectably […]

Wi-Fi Calling Gains Momentum

A newly published report suggests that Wi-Fi calling has now developed into a “must-have” option for wireless carriers. While Wi-Fi calling in places like the U.K. and Hong Kong has become fairly well entrenched, the technology is still going through its growing pains in the U.S. T-Mobile currently reigns as the world leader in pushing for Wi-Fi […]

New York Taking the High-Speed Internet Bull by the Horns

By 2018, the state of New York plans to make certain that every one of its citizens has a high-speed Internet connection. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, “High speed Internet access has become an essential ingredient of any strong economy.” This is part of the impetus behind the “New NY Broadband Program.” The $500 million program plans to leverage […]

Fewer Than A Quarter of US Households Can Stream 4K

While 4K-capable devices aren’t yet in widespread use across the United States, even if they were, most homes today wouldn’t have the broadband capacity to stream at that rate. A recent study shows that only 21% of households have a fast-enough connection to stream 4K, which requires bandwidth of at least 15 Mbps. Add in the usage […]

Wi-Fi Alliance Moves to Admit More Members

The Wi-Fi Alliance, making sure that its namesake technology remains at the forefront of the Internet of Things space, recently created a new membership class for interested companies. The Implementer Member class is reserved for companies who don’t specialize in connectivity, but want to create connected devices within the smart home using IoT. These would be businesses […]

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